Phase One

Phase One -- the first three levels of A Place of Hospitality are focused on activities that will gradually help operators (and their staff) become comfortable with the idea that the more they give, the more they'll get. Phase One focuses more on hospitable practices that will help member restaurants stand out from their competition.

Many enterprises demonstrate exceptional hospitality without really understanding the dynamic that causes that feeling to exist. They know WHAT works but have never really thought much about WHY that is true. As a result, they can lose their way when suddenly "the wheels come off" and their old practices no longer produce the results they once did.

In my experience, gaining a deeper understanding of the "why" behind the "what" can enhance the hospitality feeling, take most of the strain off daily operations and allow the culture of caring to outlive the current leadership. That insight can be a powerful experience for those operators who want to expand their grasp of what is possible.

The principles that make it possible for a restaurant to create a climate of true hospitality are introduced in a half day workshop entitled "The Hospitality Factor: Searching For the Silver Bullet."

This program is offered through state restaurant associations and foodservice distributors from time to time. It is also available to Gold Group members as a seven-part online course. Members can access the program 24/7 by logging into the Online Learning System. Look under "All-Star Staff" on the Member Resources page.

Those who see the value in traveling this road can then go on to qualify to be certified as A Place of Hospitality, starting at the One-Star level eventually progressing to the Six-Star level as they develop an increasingly more hospitable orientation.

How to Become Certified