Instant Gratification

I'm so sure that becoming a member of the Gold Group and pursuing certification as A Place of Hospitality will be a positive game-changer for you that I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is. Even though it may not even be necessary, I'll send you a shameless bribe to just give the program a try for 90 days.

The Instant Gratification Bonus contains literally hundreds of dollars of proven business-building resources ... and I'll send it to you just for having the courage to take a step in the direction of making hospitality your competitive edge; for having the courage to step outside your comfort zone for three months and evaluate for yourself how this program can help you build your business and save your sanity.

Here’s the bribe I've put together as a thank-you gift for trying out the incredible idea of spreading hospitality in the world:

Instant Gratification Bonus Gift #1
You'll get the DVD of my eye-opening presentation "Marketing Secrets of the Soup Nazi: How To Sell More by Offering Less and Making it Harder to Buy" The proposition may sound counter-intuitive, but this contrarian session will give you a totally new way to think about how to move product and build sales.

Instant Gratification Bonus Gift #2
You'll get the Management Insight Series (MIS) interview with Van Eure, owner of the Angus Barn in Raleigh, NC where we discuss operations and the practices that have made Angus barn a continual market leader. A few years ago, Van was honored as the IFMA Gold Plate winner, officially recognizing her as the best restaurateur in the country!

Instant Gratification Bonus Gift #3
You'll get the MIS interview with Phyllis Ann Marshall talking about food. Spend an hour with Phyllis Ann and I promise you will never look at your menu -- or your kitchen -- the same way again!

Instant Gratification Bonus Gift #4
You'll get the sound track from my staff training DVD, "What Every Service Pro Should Know About People" ... and the facilitator's guide. The video presentation is part of the online learning courses.

Instant Gratification Bonus Gift #5
You'll get a Special Report entitled "Building Sales Without Selling" -- a no-risk way for your service staff to increase their checks (and their tips) without the very real risks of suggestive selling.

Instant Gratification Bonus Gift #6
You'll get a Special Report on Staff Selection that will help you understand what you need to do to improve your odds of getting the right people ... the first time.

Instant Gratification Bonus Gift #7
You'll get a Special Report that suggests a simple way to re-define jobs. Users tell me it has lead to a 20% increase in productivity! That's like dropping your payroll cost by 20%! (I can't vouch for the 20% claim, but would you complain if the improvement was only half that much?)

Instant Gratification Bonus Gifts #8
You'll get the 24-page WOW Ideas Survey where 133 operators from all over the world shared their best practices for setting themselves apart from the competition and WOWing their guests.

Instant Gratification Bonus Gifts #9-13
PLUS four more special reports covering service, word-of-mouth and more -- valuable insights that I just don't have the energy to describe right now. (Trust me -- it's all good!)

Are You Ready to Join the Adventure?