The Support System

At its fullest implementation, A Place of Hospitality is a fully customizable operating system for independent operators that melds the support structure of a franchise group with the creative expressiveness and personal connection of the independent restaurateur to allow restaurant owners and staff to create unique and memorable dining experiences for their patrons.

The structure of the System does not presume to tell you what to do -- you are, after all, an independent operator -- it just helps you do it better. The System offers a choice of templates for whatever the you want to accomplish along with the coaching and understanding necessary to make wise choices. Once you decide on a course of action, the System provides the support to implement the decision as quickly and easily as possible.

We suspect operators are initially drawn to the program because it sets them apart in the marketplace and allows them to accomplish more at a lower cost while freeing their personal time for the work they most like to do. But the real key to the effectiveness of A Place of Hospitality is its ability to help leaders create and nurture a working environment that enables the hospitality experience to flourish.

Past the human dimension, we have identified nine elements that must also be in balance to create a successful business and a memorable dining experience, both of which are necessary to create a sustainable Place of Hospitality.

Click on the icons to see what is (or eventually will be) included in each area.

It will certainly take awhile for us to create these systems or identify compatible third party sources, but we are committed to the process in the belief that, over time, having this level of support will make the details of running a restaurant easier to handle and less labor-intensive.