Project Designers

As you might imagine, it takes the collective wisdom and experience of many people to invent something as revolutionary as A Place of Hospitality. Let me introduce you to some of the key contributors to the project development ...

Michael Gerber Michael E. Gerber
For the past 45 years, Michael has dedicated himself to transforming the lives of entrepreneurs and small business owners. Perhaps best known as the creator of The E Myth, his new emphasis is a project called The Dreaming Room, a system that helps visionary entrepreneurs conceptualize and create transformational businesses. A Place of Hospitality is one of those businesses.
Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor Bill Marvin
Bill is the original visionary and Chief Instigator of A Place of Hospitality. He is a leading authority on how good restaurants can become great restaurants. More commonly known as The Restaurant Doctor™, Bill is a 50-year veteran of the foodservice industry, a prolific author, a sought-after speaker and a respected consultant in the areas of concept development and operational effectiveness.
Robert Kausen Robert Kausen
Through his company Life Education, Inc., Robert brings an elegantly simple, principle-based understanding about the naturally healthy use of thought. Just by understanding these principles, people eliminate chronic stress, enhance relationships, improve teamwork, overcome low moods, expand creativity and increase overall productivity.
Joel Cohen Joel Cohen
For the past 30 years, Joel has specialized in "Nothing But Restaurant Marketing," a focus that has established him as a premier, no-nonsense, cutting-edge restaurant hospitality marketer. Joel has a national reputation for traffic-building and revenue generating ideas that work.
Marv Hunt Marv Hunt
Marv started out in the dishroom and went on to become an Executive Chef overseeing 22 restaurants. Later positions took him to Food & Beverage Director and eventually General Manager. In the course of opening 37 restaurants (and creating bulldog loyalty in crew after crew), Marv has come to understand not only what works, but -- more important -- why it works and what it takes to make it happen.
Phyllis Ann Marshall Phyllis Ann Marshall
A trained chef, Phyllis Ann, the Founder of FoodPower, offers clients more than 40 years of experience as a culinary expert, business owner, consultant and coach in the restaurant industry. Her expertise comes from owning and running restaurants of all sizes, themes and locations coast to coast.
Robert Plotkin Robert Plotkin
Robert is an acknowleged expert in the field of mixology and beverage management. With over 30 years of hands-on industry experience augmented by 20 years as a consultant and writer, he understands the policies, procedures and operational strategies that result in profit-generating beverage operations. His company, BarMedia, is a trusted resource for savvy bar operators all over the world. 
Jim Laube Jim Laube, CPA
Jim is the founder and publisher of, an extensive resource specifically for independent restaurant operators. He is a long-time financial advisor to independent restaurants throughout the US regarding operational, financial, cost control and profitability issues.
Jeff Tenut Jeff Tenut
Jeff is widely recognized in the restaurant industry as one of the pioneers of e-learning, with over 25 years' experience in the industry. Formerly VP of Product Development for the NRA Education Foundation, he is a founding partner of DiscoverLink, an e-learning provider who truly understands the issues and challenges of the restaurant industry and its workforce.
Max Israel Max Israel
Max is the founder and CEO of Customerville, a company that provides web-based satisfaction measurement solutions to retailers and restaurant chains. His system allows client companies (like APOH members) to understand, in real time, their customers' experiences at the restaurant level.
Claudia Carr Claudia Carr
Claudia has been involved in the hospitality industry for over 30 years. Starting as a server, her career path led to her selection as Director of Hospitality and Training for several prominent restaurant companies in the Seattle area. Claudia is currently an independent Hospitality Education and Training consultant.