Effortless Excellence

When we see permanent shifts in state of mind with client organizations, results always follow. In fact, it is not unusual for productivity to increase by 15-20% and this makes perfect sense. When people are healthier and enjoying work more, the energy once devoted to complaining, empire-building, self-interest and politics, focuses on productive work instead.

The shift of understanding necessary to accomplish this powerful change is elegantly simple but startlingly effective. When leaders take to heart the common-sense principles introduced in the Foundation Program, their entire organizations "magically" start to turn around from the inside out.

As one CEO put it, "Every dollar we've invested in gaining this understanding has returned ten to the bottom line." Here is how he described his "new" company:

  • Imagine a work place where the environment is calm, yet people are intensely involved in work activities.
  • Imagine business meetings so enjoyable and productive that people leave more energized than when they arrived.
  • Imagine managers making decisions based on wise reflection rather than from fear or by knee jerk reaction to circumstances.Imagine a work force so resilient that disruptive factors like disappointment and change have but a very temporary effect.
  • Imagine the energy so often wasted dealing with interpersonal and individual stress being put, instead, into the work itself.
  • Imagine an environment where there's no concern about motivating people with incentives or pressure since people are generally happy and productive.
  • Imagine morale at such a high level that staff and managers arrive home from work in a state of mind that actually increases the well-being of the people in their lives, rather than detracting from it.
  • Imagine an organization that has trust and confidence in its staff, allowing them the latitude (and permission) to think like owners.
  • Imagine a happy, healthy and productive group of men and women who actualize levels of ability and service which they did not even know they were capable of.
  • Imagine taking your company to a higher level than you ever dreamed possible through accessing the fundamental innate intelligence of your staff.

Think about it. If this was an accurate description of the way your company operated ...

  • How competitive would you be in the marketplace?
  • What would your sales volume be like?
  • What level of hospitality could you provide to your guests?
  • What would it be like for you (and your staff) to come to work every day?
  • How easily could you attract and retain top quality workers?
  • What would be the quality of your personal life, both on and off the job?

Phase Two Standards