Online Systems Setup

Please take a minute to fill in the blanks so I can set you up in the online systems. Since the online systems are hosted by third parties, they come with an additional -- although minimal -- fee.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required entries.

The online feedback system covers two units. The fee for that is $22 a month, charged quarterly. If you only have one store, no problem. If you have more than two, let me know and I will contact you to get them set up.

The online learning system and the online staffing system are also $22 a month, charged quarterly. Additional units are $35 a month each.

Here's what we need:

Unit Address can be simple (e.g. Oak Road, Ajax Mall, etc.) -- just enough information so your guests can easily identify which unit they are leaving feedback for if all stores operate under the same name.

Choose the UserName and Password you prefer. 4-9 characters -- letters, numbers, symbols -- in each, no spaces.

The Master UserName and Password allows you to access the data for all your units. Introduction and Tutorial to Online Feedback and Getting Started With Online Learning will show you how each system works and how to provide selective access to your managers and key staff.

If you have questions about any of this, call Bill at (800) 767-1055 ... and thanks for being part of the new Gold Group.


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